Health Entrepreneurship ABC: Funding My Idea: Why and How?

Health Entrepreneurship ABC – the goal of this event series is to provide the audience with the basic knowledge of getting started with an idea to hopefully turn it into a business in the future. During the workshops, mentors will guide participants to advance their individual cases. After going through the entire series, the participants will have a solid understanding of what is required of them to proceed with their ideas.

Topics to be covered:

– September: How to get started with your idea
– October: Validating your Idea & Lean Canvas
– November: Funding My Idea: Why and How?
– December: Intellectual Property Rights

November event:

Funding is the theme of our third event; what is it, is startup funding relevant for you and what should you take into account? We will take a brief look at government funding and discuss private funding options more thoroughly. You will find out what options are for you and how to pursue them.

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