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NADMED completed 1st financing round of €0.5M

Finnish healthtech startup NADMED brings to market a new type of NAD metabolite measurement. After years of rigorous studies at University of Helsinki, NADMED presents a first-of-a-kind solution which allows more profound and faster study of NADs. In...

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Sonai is on a mission to re-invent heart diagnosis

Finnish health tech startup Sonai Health Oy is looking to bring special care diagnostics into primary care in a big way. Sonai is working on a device that provides a more versatile alternative for your basic stethoscope used by general practitioners...

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NADMED measures NAD molecules for better health

NADMED Oy is a Finnish health tech startup with an eye for NAD molecules. Outside of medicine, not many people know NAD, even though it is a molecule enabling or regulating hundreds of redox and metabolic reactions in the body. In addition, it is...

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EpiHeart achieves a major milestone: first clinical use

First patient cases always mark a major milestone for a medical device company in the development of novel treatments and devices. Health Incubator Helsinki startup EpiHeart reached this milestone in August 2022 when the first patient was treated...

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