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Health Incubator Helsinki provides up to three years of comprehensive business development services, modern office and coworking facilities and broad networking opportunities. The incubator program will be customised based on the individual needs of each selected team to maximise the odds of success. Apart from a minor fee for the office space the incubator services are free for the participants and no equity is taken.



Tailored coaching and mentoring to meet the needs of each team.

Office and coworking space in Terkko Health Hub located in Helsinki.


Comprehensive services from business support to test beds.

Opportunities to network with investors, established healthcare industry experts, innovative entrepreneurs and advisors.

Program and activities

During the program, the teams will learn more about their market and its potential. Health industry experts will provide guidance for making their business case solid and sustainable, securing cash flow and building an advisory network. Other key topics covered throughout the program include, for example, intellectual property rights (IPR) (and)the role of medical device regulation as well as go-to-market (GTM) and stay-on-market (STM) strategies.


  • Mentoring: regular one-on-one discussions with mentors, investors, health industry professionals, and experienced entrepreneurs.
  • Webinars and Workshops: hands-on sessions on various topics essential to master when commercializing an innovation and building a company.
  • Monthly investors presentations: invited VCs and investors introduce their funds and investment scope
  • Get-together meetings: monthly meetings that bring together the Health Incubator Helsinki community to update on the latest achievements of the teams and to determine goals for the upcoming weeks.
  • Founders talks: interactive meetings where seasoned health entrepreneurs share their insights on founding and scaling companies.
  • Demo days: biannual events organised to showcase the teams and their progress to investors, entrepreneurs and stakeholders within the health sector startup ecosystem.

Entrepreneur’s journey

Entrepreneur’s journey

What are the benefits of joining Health Incubator Helsinki incubator program

  1. Mentorship and business advisory
  2. Access to resources
  3. Network building opportunities
  4. Funding opportunities
  5. Education and skill development
  6. Validation, piloting and market exposure
  7. Accauntability and market structure
  8. Exposure to potential clients and markets
  9. Alumni network
Lobby at Terkko Health Hub

How can Health Incubator Helsinki help me to grow my business

  1. Access to Capital
  2. Mentorship and Guidance
  3. Networking Opportunities
  4. Business Development Support
  1. Access to Resources and Infrastructure
  2. Validation and Credibility
  3. Intensive Learning Experience
  4. Exposure and Publicity

How to apply?

The Health Incubator Helsinki’s next application period will be opened in February 2024. For further information, please contact Mr. Christian Lardot, Incubator Leader, +358 40 195 2639, christian.lardot@hel.fi