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AI2AI aims to revolutionize digital interaction

Aug 21, 2023

The PALL0 smart ball boosts physical and social activity.

Despite the advantages of technology, there is a significant mental and physical cost to increased screen time. AI2AI aims to revolutionize digital interaction to create active, screenless, and intuitive interactions with digital tech. AI2AI has been selected for the Health Incubator Helsinki  2023 program.

Digitalization has revolutionized society in the last decades, but this comes at the cost of a sedentary lifestyle. In Europe alone, this costs an estimated 80+ billion euros per year— a mental and physical cost many discovered during the coronavirus lockdowns. Helsinki- and Turku-based AI2AI is an ambitious company that aims to change this with the development of the PALL0 smart ball and its novel and active screenless interface.

“We want to get people to interact and move for a minimum of 20 minutes per day, by rewarding movements and person-to-person interactions. To achieve this we offer gamification technology to our B2B client network, giving analog health service companies the ability to digitalize their services for their customers.”

PALL0 isn’t just a smart device, but a novel platform

AI2AI’s PALL0 is an advanced smart ball packed with motion and environmental sensing, audio, and haptic sensors that allows for intuitive, screenless digital interaction. As founder Henrik Terävä says, “We wanted to develop technology which has an inherent positive expected value for your wellbeing – the more you use it, the better it is for you.” But AI2AI hasn’t just developed the PALL0 smart ball itself, they are also creating a platform where any developer can create apps for the PALL0. And thanks to generative AI models, you won’t even need to know how to code. As founder Harry Choreus elaborates, “With PALL0 any business can come up with an idea to digitalize their service in minutes instead of long and expensive development times. Our programming environment enables businesses to develop and test new service ideas immediately.”

“In the same way you have Google Play and AppStore for phones, in the future you would have an app store for PALL0 where you will find different apps for action and interaction.”

AI2AI team

AI2AI core team. From left to right: Riku Klén, Henrik Terävä, Harry Choreus, Timo Soukka.

A chance meeting between an engineer and a movie director

Company founders Henrik Terävä, with a background in technical hardware and software, and Harry Choreus, a movie director and visual storyteller, met in Asia ten years ago. At the time they noticed how everyone seemed attached to their screens, and speculated on the negative impact on themselves and their families, starting the seed of the idea for AI2AI. With the addition of Riku Klén as an AI expert and Timo Soukka as a hardware specialist rounding out the technical expertise, the versatility of the team has enabled their successes with the PALL0 pilot so far.

“Now we want to go even further with a more mature version of PALL0. We joined HIH because we believe it will take us to the core of the health and wellness community, helping us to quickly find the best partners, customers, and investors.”

Reducing rehabilitation time for stroke patients

Following the pilot test of PALL0 beta and an early bird presale that completely sold out, Terävä and the rest of the team are further developing the app platform and use cases with partners. One exciting use case is a clinical trial on reducing rehabilitation time for stroke patients, in cooperation with the largest rehabilitation hospital in Norway. PALL0 allows patients to do exercises anywhere, at any time by speaking instructions to the patient and measuring compressive force, lift height of the hand, and walking distance. It also provides positive feedback by showing happy emotions when exercises are done on time and correctly.

Call for innovators and investors

Engaging training programs like the stroke rehabilitation project can be easily customized based on individual user or customer needs, and AI2AI is looking for more health and wellness service company innovators to develop extraordinary apps for PALL0. They have also raised 800 000 EUR in funding and are looking for new investors in the second testing phase and market launch. Get in contact if you want to be a part of the future of digital interaction!

Logo of Ai2Ai

Startup Fast Facts

Name: AI2AI (pronounced eye-to-eye)

Tech in one sentence: The PALL0 smart ball boosts physical and social activity, allowing businesses to digitalize and gamify traditional services in the well-being and health sector and deploy ideas in minutes instead of weeks with visual programming and generative AI.

Product: PALL0 smart ball & data and development platform

Target market launch: 2024

Founded: Company founded 2017, PALL0 project born in 2020

Team size: 4 core team members

Website: ai2ai.fi

Funding raised: 800,000 EUR