Health Incubator Helsinki open for applications in February

Do you have an amazing idea in the health sector?Health Incubator Helsinki, Finland's first long-term business development environment for research-based health sector startups, is welcoming new applications from 1 February until 15 March 2021. After the selection...

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Sartar Therapeutics wants to revolutionize sarcoma therapy

Today, the focus of cancer therapy is continuously moving towards more personalized medicine. However, very few efficacious therapies are available for sarcomas. For example, advanced soft-tissue sarcomas are rare and often lethal cancers, posing problems for doctors....

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SCellex targets single cell resolution to boost cancer research

Better understanding of cancer provides scientific keys to combating the disease itself. Helsinki startup SCellex is developing a novel spatial gene sequencing technology that links microscope image to the sequence data – a “genetic microscope,” of sorts. This will...

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MedicubeX brings healthcare to you – via automation

In today’s medical practice, it takes a medical professional to examine a patient and take his/her vitals at the point of care. But how about… tomorrow? Helsinki-based startup MedicubeX wants to be the leading provider of eHealth stations in Europe in five years. As...

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Maculaser combats blindness

Blindness – caused by major retinal diseases – is a significant health challenge around the world. According to estimates, the global direct healthcare burden caused by retinal diseases is currently over € 400 billion. Introducing temperature-control to non-damaging...

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EpiHeart fights off heart failure with new therapy

The medical community is well aware of cardiac muscle damage caused by lack of oxygen and certain other conditions – which often lead to heart failure and subsequent death. So far, there has been a large number of patients suffering from this – but only limited...

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The first 11 startups selected for Health Incubator Helsinki

Health Incubator Helsinki, the first incubator program in Finland focusing solely on health, kicks off with 11 startups with high growth potential. Health Incubator Helsinki is a unique long-term incubator program driving transformation of health innovation, research...

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