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Uute Scientific started a Series A financing round

Health Incubator Helsinki company Uute Scientific fights against immune-mediated diseases with its microbial extract Reconnecting Nature™ that can be added to consumer products. Currently, the extract is already available in 16 different cosmetic...

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Flux Polymers targets antibacterial plastic surfaces

The need to keep plastic surfaces clean has been highlighted – to the extreme – by the COVID-19 crisis. Startup Flux Polymers has come up with a simple and easy way to make plastic surfaces antibacterial. The company is one of the promising startups...

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Henkaus makes remote vital signs tracking possible

Medical measuring devices are notorious for interfering with patients’ normal lives – but what if those same measurements could be taken without you noticing, without physical contact? Finnish digital health startup Henkaus provides medical-grade...

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Medified launches a free app for mood monitoring

Health Incubator Helsinki startup, Medified Solutions Oy, has launched a new AI-based mood monitoring app – available for anyone, free of charge. The app helps to identify factors affecting the daily mood and provides tools to enhance wellbeing. ...

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MedicubeX launches its first demo eHealth station

MedicubeX, one of the first batch Health Incubator Helsinki companies, has almost completed its demo eHealth station that measures vital signs and personal cardiovascular disease risk factors  Health Incubator Helsinki startup MedicubeX has reached a...

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Sciar is looking for investments

Health Incubator Helsinki startup Sciar Company Ltd is ready to expand. The company is now looking for funding to take their business to the next level.  Sciar, one of the companies participating in Health Incubator Helsinki aims to change the life...

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MedicubeX brings healthcare to you – via automation

In today’s medical practice, it takes a medical professional to examine a patient and take his/her vitals at the point of care. But how about… tomorrow? Helsinki-based startup MedicubeX wants to be the leading provider of eHealth stations in Europe...

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Maculaser combats blindness

Blindness – caused by major retinal diseases – is a significant health challenge around the world. According to estimates, the global direct healthcare burden caused by retinal diseases is currently over € 400 billion. Introducing temperature-control...

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EpiHeart fights off heart failure with new therapy

The medical community is well aware of cardiac muscle damage caused by lack of oxygen and certain other conditions – which often lead to heart failure and subsequent death. So far, there has been a large number of patients suffering from this – but...

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