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NADMED completed 1st financing round of €0.5M

Finnish healthtech startup NADMED brings to market a new type of NAD metabolite measurement. After years of rigorous studies at University of Helsinki, NADMED presents a first-of-a-kind solution which allows more profound and faster study of NADs. In...

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Sonai is on a mission to re-invent heart diagnosis

Finnish health tech startup Sonai Health Oy is looking to bring special care diagnostics into primary care in a big way. Sonai is working on a device that provides a more versatile alternative for your basic stethoscope used by general practitioners...

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NADMED measures NAD molecules for better health

NADMED Oy is a Finnish health tech startup with an eye for NAD molecules. Outside of medicine, not many people know NAD, even though it is a molecule enabling or regulating hundreds of redox and metabolic reactions in the body. In addition, it is...

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EpiHeart achieves a major milestone: first clinical use

First patient cases always mark a major milestone for a medical device company in the development of novel treatments and devices. Health Incubator Helsinki startup EpiHeart reached this milestone in August 2022 when the first patient was treated...

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Karsa brings molecular detection to the next level

Karsa Oy is a spin-off company hailing from the University of Helsinki. Primarily, Karsa develops state-of-the-art instrumentation for molecular detection of explosives. However, the startup’s solutions can be used wherever ultra-sensitive and...

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Fepod flips the script on blood analytics

Helsinki startup Fepod wants to help healthcare professionals measure the real blood concentration of paracetamol, opioids, and other pain medicine directly from a drop of blood. Learn more about the company that joined the Health Incubator Helsinki...

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Lapsi Health harnesses sound to boost health

Startup Lapsi Health wants to transform the way auscultatory sound is used in medicine and pharma-biotech development. The idea behind the company is to provide better holistic digital medicine by using sound to create new digital biomarkers –...

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Lapsi Health raised $0.6M to develop digital biomarkers

Dutch medtech firm Lapsi Health recently announced that it has raised $0.6M in a pre-seed funding round to advance its work to develop new digital biomarkers based on auscultatory sound. The funding round was led by several tech investors spanning...

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New angel investor for femtech company Nordic Fit Mama

A recent survey by Health Capital Helsinki shows that access to funding is by far the biggest challenge for healthcare startups. Most of the responding companies need funding immediately or within a year. Health Incubator Helsinki startup Nordic Fit...

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Uute Scientific is attracting global cosmetic brands

A growing number of companies have noticed the potential of microbial extract developed by a Health Incubator Helsinki startup Uute Scientific. The world’s largest cosmetic brands also want to get their hands on the innovative extract. Health...

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Fighting infertility with computer algorithms

Fertility treatments often lack predictability, leading into uncertainty and frustration. Through the power of machine learning, however, it is possible to improve the over-all effectiveness of fertility treatments. New Finnish startup Knewborn wants...

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Jasmine Pro boosts drug delivery

Presently, a “Holy Grail” of sorts for drug developers is creating drugs that home into their target cells – reducing toxicity or adverse effects. Advanced drug delivery systems deploy polymers as facilitators to try and do just that, but the...

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AnalysisMode speeds up scientific discovery

For science, the lab is often the true battleground where breakthroughs are made. But what if you could run tests as simulation – and have a Virtual Home Lab at your disposal? Meet Finnish startup AnalysisMode, one of the promising startups selected...

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Cardiomtec is making whistleblower software for the heart

Cardiac problems represent a significant and much talked about public health challenge. More than a million people die each year, in the western countries alone, due to coronary heart disease. Meet Finnish medtech startup Cardiomtec, working on early...

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Flux Polymers targets antibacterial plastic surfaces

The need to keep plastic surfaces clean has been highlighted – to the extreme – by the COVID-19 crisis. Startup Flux Polymers has come up with a simple and easy way to make plastic surfaces antibacterial. The company is one of the promising startups...

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Henkaus makes remote vital signs tracking possible

Medical measuring devices are notorious for interfering with patients’ normal lives – but what if those same measurements could be taken without you noticing, without physical contact? Finnish digital health startup Henkaus provides medical-grade...

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Medified launches a free app for mood monitoring

Health Incubator Helsinki startup, Medified Solutions Oy, has launched a new AI-based mood monitoring app – available for anyone, free of charge. The app helps to identify factors affecting the daily mood and provides tools to enhance wellbeing. ...

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MedicubeX launches its first demo eHealth station

MedicubeX, one of the first batch Health Incubator Helsinki companies, has almost completed its demo eHealth station that measures vital signs and personal cardiovascular disease risk factors  Health Incubator Helsinki startup MedicubeX has reached a...

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MedicubeX brings healthcare to you – via automation

In today’s medical practice, it takes a medical professional to examine a patient and take his/her vitals at the point of care. But how about… tomorrow? Helsinki-based startup MedicubeX wants to be the leading provider of eHealth stations in Europe...

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Maculaser combats blindness

Blindness – caused by major retinal diseases – is a significant health challenge around the world. According to estimates, the global direct healthcare burden caused by retinal diseases is currently over € 400 billion. Introducing temperature-control...

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EpiHeart fights off heart failure with new therapy

The medical community is well aware of cardiac muscle damage caused by lack of oxygen and certain other conditions – which often lead to heart failure and subsequent death. So far, there has been a large number of patients suffering from this – but...

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